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Post: I went to see a thyroid surgeon on Friday for a second opinon about whether I ahould have my thyroid taken out or not. It seems I have to make the decision as Thyroid antibodies are attacking the thyroid that has caused it to swell. THis is causing me problems with eating sometimes and a constant feeling of something in my throat. I have been told to take more iodene in the diet but it doesnt seem to be helping. The surgeon said on Friday that it would have a minimal effect as the goiter will prbably get bigger as the attacking keeps going on. Obviously it is a big decision as I have a scar to think off and any complications plus the thyroxin levels afterwards,.I posted this message in the hope that somebody could give me advice on what the operation is like and the afterward effects so that It can help me in making my decision. Thanks all


Reply: Hi JO, I had a total Thyroidecotmy due to severe Hashimoto's in Aug of this year. I am almost 3 months post op. The surgery was easy.....hardly any pain at all really. I stayed in the hospital 2 days rather than one because my calcium levels went a wee bit out of wack though. I took pain pills for maybe 3 days total and only mild ones at that. My TSH was totaly haywire prior to surgery and remains haywire to this day is my understanding that if it your TSH is stable prior to surgery it should be easily corrected with synthroid after. Currently my TSH reading is 19.8 and needs to be below 2. I have a blood test once a month and my dose gets adjusted every 6 weeks. The scar is not too bad's healing nicely and I am using Vitamin E oil on it every eve. It feels very weird, I cannot wear a necklace , it rubs and irritates it. My seatbelt is annoying it as well. The scar is about 7 inches across and just below my adams apple area ( if i had an adams apple ! ) . The only hard part about the scar for me was that they do not dress it or cover it and it really did feel gross for about a week and it felt like nobody wanted to look at me.

Anyways , hope this helps. If you have another questions ask away.


Post: OK, hello have been following my thyroid for 5 years with very minimal symptoms. 1 large mixed nodule on the right 3 small 1.3 cm or less on the left. Am deciding re surgery because 1. the FNA shows Hurthle cells which my doctor says are "hinky" 2. the r side nodule is beginning to interfere with swallowing (again very minor) None of these seem to be growing though they must be if I am now having some trouble swallowing. Need to decide re: just the 1 lobe? or doing a subtotal or a total. My endo and surgeon are leaning towards total. Risk of either one of the other procedures is of course having to do the procedure again if it IS cancer which is very unlikely. Anyone have advice or experience?


Reply:I'm not sure about this one, I wish I could help but really have no experience with this type of problem. Seems if it were me and I was facing the chance that it would have to be done again I would seriously think about having the total. Also can't they check while doing the surgery to see if any of it is cancer, and if so go ahead and remove all?


Reply2: I would have to agree with icudoucme, If I was going to have this done and the chances are it would need to be done again later I would have the one that would get it all out of the way in one go!!!

I would have thought they would checked for cancer while carrying out the surgery, would they not take and test while the op was being carried out???

When are you next seeing your endo or the consultant that will be carrying out the surgery? If they are leaning towards the total option then maybe thats the best way to go.
Keep us posted on your progress.
Take care


Reply3: I had my full thyroid removed. It was not but choice when they started my surgery only half was to be removed then they descovered that I had tumors on bothsides. I am in remission now but my sister the were more cautious and just removed the side with the tumor and it spread and by the time they removed the otherside it had gotten to her lymphnodes. So I would rather be aggressive and act now then be passive. My advice is that you probably know whats right for you just listen to your body. 1 surgery now versus 2 that is double the recovery time and the risk. Whatever you do I wish you luck and a speedy recovery!!!!




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